nedelja, 04. oktober 2009

Handball: Maribor-Koper - great win for MB!

In the 4th round of Slovenian handball first league, Maribor faced a favourite Koper. A lot of people expected Koper to win with little efford. But the in first minutes Maribor showed huge resistance and lead in the end of first half with 16:14.
Dvorana Tabor also recorded a record number of spectators (550) who made big effort for Maribor to win.
In the second half Koper got to a 2 goals lead and held it trought the majority of the game. But in the end Maribor tied the score and in the last second with a bit of luck by Rok Ivančič scored the winning goal. 32:31

RK MB Branik Klima Petek: Jelen, Jelovčan; Čelica 3, Vrečar 2, Čebokli 4, Backovič 3 (7m-1/1), Gregorc, Razgor 5(7m-3/2), Pučnik 1, Martinc 1, Fister 5, Mirnik 1, Ivančič 3, Hartman 3, Jug, Furlan 1

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