ponedeljek, 27. oktober 2008

Running 13. Ljubljanski maraton 26.10.08

On 26.10. Ljubljanski maraton took place in the city of Ljubljana. In two days over 15.000 people competed. I didn't prepare myself for this run so I was very glad to get my personal record with the time of 47:58 (46:43). Next year I will try to run 21km.

Me finishing 10km, with my personal best

There was also a category with wheelchairs

Best male on 21km Roman Kejžar with new record 1:05:47

Best female on 21km Daneja Grandovec

Mayor of ljublajan congratulated every runner

Winner of 42km Amare Mulu

Second on 42km Ibrahim Limo

Exhausted after race

torek, 14. oktober 2008

First year around

One year has passed since I created this blog on 14.October 2007, I made my first post right away and that's how my way into the world of blogging took shape. In that time I posted 87 posts and have gotten many useful comments for which I would like to thank everyone who visited my blog and posted any comment.
My blog isn't the only one who is celebrating birthday today, on the 14. October. I was born on this day, 17 years ago in a hospital in Maribor at around 3 pm.

And last and definitely not least I shouldn't forget to thank my brother who helped my writing in English language and corrected all my spelling mistakes.

nedelja, 05. oktober 2008

Handball match: Maribor vs. Sežana

Due to lack of time and inspiration I decided to take a short break from photography but I couldn't miss the first match in Slovenian 1.b handball league when Maribor was playing Sežana. This was the first handball match and the first indoor competition I photographed. I started out with Sigma 70-300 and a flash aimed at the roof, but results were poor due to 1600 ISO and aperture 4-5,6. After that I put on Canon 50mm 1,4 and despite the fact I couldn't use zoom, things started getting better.

PS: I am preparing a big surprise, which will come hopefully soon.

Final result