nedelja, 31. avgust 2008

Arboretum Volčji Potok

On August 25th we went to Terme Snovik but before we got there we decided to visit Arboretum Volčji Potok. It was beautiful but sadly a few weeks ago a big storm came and destroyed many trees.

sobota, 23. avgust 2008


My friend phoned me and asked me if I wanted to go hunting with him and make some photos of the nature. I didn't hesitate for a moment. We drove to an observatory in Prepolje. We waited and waited. All we got to see were a few young deers which were far away and that is why I couldn't take any good photos of them. After a while a tractor came and destroyed our last hopes of seeing a deer. That is why I only made a few portraits with my new Canon 50mm lens.

torek, 19. avgust 2008

Photo stacking

In my previous post I wrote that I was going to write more about photo stacking. The process starts with taking two (or more) photos of the same object with different focus. You have to make as little difference between photos as you possibly can. It's preferred to use a tripod but if you don't have one try leaning the lens on the palm of your hand. After getting it as steady as possible, make a few photos while focusing on different parts of the object. Don't make too big gaps between sharp parts. When you've taken all the photos download a free program CombineZM or buy Helicon focus. Load the photos into the program and let the program do the rest. I don't know a lot about CombineZM but in Helicon focus you get some great tools which help you improve the photos and erase the mistakes the program had done stacking the photos together.

Here are 5 photos that have been stacked together to create the following photo.

sobota, 16. avgust 2008

Pilgrimage to Svete gore

It was 15.8. what means it was the Assumption of Mary and many people go pilgrimaging to Sv. gore. We did the same but we used bicycles. We started in Starše at 6 o'clock in the morning. The trail was about 75 km long and had 3 bigger hills. First, smaller was the Ptujska gora, the second was in the vicinity of Rogatec and the last and longest one was our destination, Svete Gore.
After a couple of minutes (just enough to empty the beer bottles) we headed back home. Altogether the trip was about 150 km long and it took approximately 7 hours to get it behind us.
In a couple of weeks a cycling marathon "Tri srca" is going to start so I hope to see you there.

Start(I'm the one with the letter "P" on my back)

Endless ride accompanied by the foggy weather

Finally at the top (halfway there)

Victorious in the end

Altitude difference (graph made with my brother's Garmin Forerunner 305)

Road (graph made with my brother's Garmin Forerunner 305)


The nature has shown it's teeth once again. Last night a hailstorm presented its rage. We were lucky to avoid it the last two times, but this time we got a piece of it. Looks like the nature is truly changing because I don't remember seeing 3-4 hailstorms in 2 months.

Size of hailstone

ponedeljek, 11. avgust 2008

What we've done

The topic might be a bit forgotten now and is definitely not the latest news but everyone remembers what happened about a month ago. Thousands of bees died and they still don't really know what killed them.
I used a new macro technique called "photo stacking", where you take 2 or more photos which focus on different parts of the object and blend them together. When you take macro photos a problem that often occurs is that there is too little DOF but with this technique you can get as much DOF as you like depending on how many photos you make. Photos below were made of 3 stacked photos. I shall discuss further detail concerning the process of photo stacking in my next post.

sobota, 09. avgust 2008

Canon EF 50mm 1,4

I finally got this great lens. I was very excited to try F1,4 and get as little DOF as possible. When it arrived I tested it on our dog Kala and I was very pleased with the results. It's fast, silent and sharp the only thing that bothers me is that the minimum focus distance is 0,45 m and as a macro fan I'm bit disappointed.
My next purchase is probably going to be Canon 70-200 4.0.

petek, 08. avgust 2008

Maribor vs. Chelsea

When: Wednesday 6.8.
Where: Ljudski vrt
The football game we have waited for for quite some time between Maribor and the second Chelsea team. About 7000 spectators came to enjoy watching this spectacle. I was lucky to get a press card and for the first time got the chance to be practically on the pitch.
In the first half of the game Maribor took the lead with 2:0. Both goals were scored by Marco Tavares.
In the second half the entire Maribor team was changed with the second team and some junger players got the opportunity to play. Chelsea started playing better and scored twice. But Armend Sprečo was again the man of the decision because he played for the second time for the first team and scored a goal both times in last minutes for victory.



Second Tavares' goal

Last goal by Armend

Maribor's coach Darko Milanič

Chelsea's coach

Panoramic photo of Ljudski vrt stadium

Panoramic photo of the new part of stadium