četrtek, 14. februar 2008

Light painting

Light painting uses longer exposure time while a person draws usually with a flashlight in the air and so different shapes can be created. I asked my brother for help and so we went outside in the evening. I set up my tripod and the remote switch to make the time as long as I wanted. My brother was standing still and I began drawing with a flashlight around him. I also used a hand-trigged flash because it was almost complete dark. To bad we didn't have a lot of time so we didn't make many pictures. But I have to say it was a blast and I am definitely doing that again

And of course there's me (my brother's idea)

petek, 08. februar 2008

Stroll along the river Drava

At last I had some spare time and thus created a new post.
The other day I went for a walk along the river Drava and I found three swans which didn't mind me being there and didn't run away.
P.S.: These photos are about a month old. Today I went for a walk again and made some new photos. They will be uploaded soon