ponedeljek, 22. junij 2009

Mountain Bike World Cup 09 - Pohorje

Best downhill racers from all over the world came to Pohorje to compete in a world cup race which hosted a 4-cross race day before. Unfortunate it was raining that day and not many people came to see it. But the weather had improved and it didn't ruin the downhill race. That's why quite many people came.
The racers showed theirs skills on a demanding track with many jumps and sharp corners.

sreda, 10. junij 2009

Red Bull X-Fighters Exhibition Tour

A big freestyle motocross event took place on the Glavni trg in Maribor on the 09.06.2009. Guys from Red Bull X-Fighters took part in an exhibition tour. Stunt junkies used KTM SX 250 bikes to fly into the sky. They really impressed the 15.000 spectators, who came to see a show and got it.