četrtek, 31. julij 2008

Sights of Starše

This small place has been my home village for over 16 years. When I saw these clouds I took my bike, went on a short trip around Starše and these are the photos I got.

nedelja, 27. julij 2008

Abstract macro

After taking photos of bees I tried to get some abstract photos of the flower they were on.

nedelja, 20. julij 2008

Dreamlike red roses

To take this photo I used a tripod and long exposure time but wind and rain kept bothering me and I was able to get only this two shots.

petek, 18. julij 2008

Motocross in Orehova vas - the race

Day after qualifiers... In each category there were two races. We decided to skip the first EMX2 race and just as we arrived there the reporter said the winner of the qualifiers, Klemen Gerčar, had bad luck and had fallen at the start and thus finished 13. after the first race.

Later MX3 started in which our best motocross driver Sašo Kragelj finished in 3rd place but improved in the second race where he finished first. This put him in 2nd place altogether.

Panoramic picture made out of 3 photos.

Sašo Kragelj

Sašo Kraglej

After MX3 second race of EMX2 begone. Klemen was brilliant and finished the race in second place which was enough for a sixth altogether.

View of the crowd cheering at the start.

Klemen Gerčar right before the race





Everything was more interesting when it started to rain. Track, racers and spectators were all muddy.

Klemen Gerčar

Matevž Irt

četrtek, 17. julij 2008

Fire in Kidričevo

Yesterday evening at 23:30 fire erupted in Kidričevo at Albin promotion where they store old car tires.
Today I woke up at 6:30 and took this picture.
At 11:30 fire seems to calm down but there is still a bit of smoke in the air.

torek, 15. julij 2008

Motocross in Orehova vas - qualifiers

On July 12 world championship MX3 and European championship EMX2 took place on track in Radizel.
I went there with my brother Gregor, cousin Vesna and her boyfriend Gregor

At first the competition in EMX2 started in which we all had our fingers crossed for Klemen Gerčar with number 62. He started from pole after the qualifiers.

Mirko Lovaković (CRO)

Gregory Wicht (SUI)

Leo Pandžić (CRO)

Federico Bracesco (ITA)

Klemen Gerčar (SLO)

Later on MX3 qualifiers began and our most famous and best motocross driver Sašo Kraglej with number 7 demonstrated why he is called the best in Slovenia. He finished 6th in the qualifiers.

Crisophe Martin (FRA)

Marko Leljak (CRO)

Patrick Caps (BEL)

Sašo Kragelj (SLO)

Tom Debelder (BEL)

Some also fell. Andri Vandersanden (BEL)

Martin Michek (CZ)

Emmanuel Hubert (BEL)

Organizers also prepared a surprise for Sašo Kraglej, a cake for his birthday.