sobota, 31. maj 2008

Here we go again - macro

Finally school is almost over so I will have more time to blog. Here are a few macros that I shot last week

I wasn't satisfied with my last result of shooting wasp head so I tried again and after many attempts finally got the focus right. I think the photos are much better this time, I'm just not fully pleased with the background; but it's a start.

Creepy looking spider

I don't know exactly what this is, all I know is, it's very small and it has a crown.

četrtek, 22. maj 2008

Photo workshop - portrait

Borut and Gregor organized a workshop on a topic of portrait and lighting. Along with me there was also Peter and Aleš. We met at Rački ribniki. At first Borut explained all we need to know abouth using flash, umbrellas and photo reflector and then model Zala started posing for us.

At first we used flash and transparent umbrella along with photo reflector.

Later we moved to a different location where we had more light so we only needed a photo reflector.

At the end it started raining so we moved to Grega's garage where we improvised in making a studio. We used a reflector umbrella aimed at the wall with a color gel so we got different colors of background. We also used a transparent umbrella and a photo reflector.

nedelja, 18. maj 2008

Running on Radenci - 28. marathon three hearts

Yesterday a marathon in Radenci took place. There we're different categories: 5,5km, 10km, 21km and of course 42km. I participated at the 10 km one, along with my brother, dad and uncle, whereas my cousin rad 5,5km. Although it was bit hot and the wind was blowing, the weather was fine and so the organization. I was 133 of 433 in category men under 40 years and 182 of 489 in category: men. My time was pretty good considering I ran 10km for the second time and it was the first time I competed. I had a time of 0:51:54.
I would also like to thank to all the photographers and Grega for letting me post he's pictures
If any one ''accidentally'' took a photo of me I would be thankful if he sent the photos.

Me running (photo: Gregor)

Me and my brother and dad in the back (photo: Gregor)

Group (photo: Vesna)

petek, 16. maj 2008

Few macro shots

Here are few newest macro shots.

sobota, 10. maj 2008


Last week the clouds were really amazing. I simply had to go biking and so drove a few hundred meters outside of Starše (where I live). I also used my dad's old polarizer filter.

četrtek, 01. maj 2008

Louse (uš)

In last post I wrote about using reversed lens on tele-lens and here are the results. I found some lice on a leaf and so I set my Sigma to 300 mm and reversed the KIT lens. My mother had to hold some foil so that the light from flash bounced onto the louse. The pictures are pretty low quality because of the high magnification.
Pictures are not cropped.