torek, 20. november 2007

Goodbye autumn

Yes autumn is finally over. Warm days are over, last red and yellow leaves are falling down and the cold winter is starting to show its teeth. One of last day I decided to take a walk and take some pictures. I wanted to capture the colorful forest with my father's semi-fisheye that I mounted on Canon kit with the step-down ring. I also caught a guy jogging. When I headed home I heard some birds singing so I followed the sound. When I came closer some birds noticed me and flew away, but I was still able to take pictures of the ones that stayes.











nedelja, 18. november 2007

Poll 1.

So the first poll is finished, I would like to thank all of you for voting and am excited and happy that 51 people decided to vote. Though I'm not surprised that Laško beer had won but what about those 13 people that don't drink beer? What's wrong with you guys? ;)

New poll will come soon and you are welcome to pick its topic by simply responding on this post.

And thanks again :)

sobota, 10. november 2007


I realize that previous photos with drops were a bit boring or lifeless so I decided to put flowers in the background to make the photos more alive and more colorful. I think it turned out quite fine and I am pleased with the results... What do you think?


sobota, 03. november 2007


I woke up at about 7 am and realized I have to make some additions to my blog so I decided to take some new photos... I looked for a motive for ages until I found a funny looking fly that was jumping around until it suddenly stopped and started posing. I'd really appreciate it, if you'd posted some comments telling me what you think.