nedelja, 29. junij 2008

Bees - disrespected treasure

Albert Einstein once said: "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man,"

As always man is trying very hard to prove Albert wrong with not caring for the bees and continuously polluting our mother nature.

sreda, 25. junij 2008


Venice is a city in the north of Italy. It's know as being one of the most romantic cities in the world. It has a lot of channels and bridges.
On Friday we visited this beautiful city ourselves with the company of a few teachers. Firstly we drove with a boat to an island. After a short tour we were left alone to wander around the city for three hours. Because we didn't know the city whatsoever, we didn't see any other famous building or sights. The prices we're extremely high and so we're the temperatures.

Piazza San Marco

View from Rialto Bridge

Different channels

nedelja, 22. junij 2008

Aviation meeting in Skoke

From 13 until 15 July there was an aviation meeting in Skoke. The organizers said that it was going to be the biggest meeting to ever take place in Slovenia. They had a lot of problems with the weather. The first two days were very cloudy, it was cold and raining most of the time but on Sunday when I visited the weather was gorgeous. A huge crowd observed and admired the spectacle and enjoyed the show.

There were also some parachutists wearing the colors of EU flag.

One of biggest performers were two F16 from Netherlands. They were extremely loud and fast so it was very difficult to get a photo of them.

I simply loved the 5 jet planes from Serbia which were flying very close together.

četrtek, 12. junij 2008

Hoverfly (lat. Episyrphus Balteatus)

Hoverfly a.k.a. flower flies in Latin called: Episyrphus Balteatus can usually be seen on flowers or simply hovering in the air. Their color is similar to the one bees have so that enemies cannot recognize them and that's why avoid them.

sobota, 07. junij 2008

New Gear

I bought a used battery grip from Dragan. It's better than I've expected it to be and now it's much easier just to hold the camera and making upright photos in macro will be much easier. So now in the near future I am planing to buy a flash and Canon 50mm 1,4.

I would also like to advertise a bit for Dragan. He is giving away some cute little kittens. So anyone who is willing to give home to them please contact Dragan:

sreda, 04. junij 2008

Taking photos of lightning

I was finally able to take a photo of a lightning. The weather yesterday was very cloudy and it was raining and thundering. Although I missed the main storm I was still able to catch it before the end. Although the first attempts came out to bright or somewhat boring, I was able to improve them in Photoshop. I only changed the explosure and didn't mess with colours too much. This photos might not yet be top class so I would be thankful if you gave me any advice on how to improve them.

ponedeljek, 02. junij 2008

Forgotten dreams

I have never before seen this old house which is located on the edge of the village I live in - Starše. When I saw it a couple of weeks ago lying by the field of corn it thought it was beautiful.
I waited for a couple of days for clouds and then went over to take photos. You can see the house if you drive on the main road from Maribor to Ptuj where it is on the right side at the end of the village. I also discovered the power of RAW images and thus played with it a bit but might have got carried away. Did I overdo it or do you find it alright?