četrtek, 23. julij 2009

Football: Maribor-Wit

After a tie game in Wit, the second qualify game for champions league was played in Maribor. Maribor started well and scored in 9th and 19th minute. But Wit got the score down to 2:1 in 45th minute. In the second half Wit got back into the game and had quite a few opportunities which made the game very intense for 6.000 spectators in Ljudski vrt. When Mihaleič scored in the 85th minute everyone could start celebrating for advancing to the 3rd qualifier round.
In next round they will be playing the Swiss champions Zürich.

Bunderla (1:0)

Tavares (2:0)

Player of the game Marcos Tavares

nedelja, 19. julij 2009

Portraiting: Emma

This was the first time that I worked with children and was also given the opportunity to use a transparent umbrella.
Because I don't want these photos to get stolen I put a watermark on them.