nedelja, 20. september 2009

Handball: Maribor-Krško first league!

Maribor finally made it into the First Slovenian league! In the first round they fought their last year's rival Krško and won with 32:27(16:12).

RK MB Branik Klima Petek:
Jelen, Jelovčan; Čelica 3, Vrečar, Čebokli 1, Backovič 4, Gregorc 1, Razgor 4 (7 m-1/0), Pučnik, Martinc 6, Fister 3, Mirnik, Ivančič 6, Hartman 3, Jug, Furlan 1 (7 m-1/0)

sreda, 09. september 2009

Football: Slovenia-Poland

Slovenia made a giant step towards qualifing to the next World cup in Africa.
Our team controled the whole game and won at the end with 3:0