torek, 30. december 2008

ponedeljek, 29. december 2008

Frozen tears

This is the first time I used Canon 50mm 1,4 lens with extension tubes.

sreda, 24. december 2008

Handball: Krško vs. Maribor - 1/4 cup finals

First of all I would like to wish you all a merry merry Christmas.

I finally got the opportunity to post photos from 1/4 finals of Slovenian handball cup. Maribor was playing in Krško so we took a 2 hour ride to get there. The rivalry of those two teams was obvious on the court and in the stands. I have never seen so many people watching a game, which involves two teams from the 1.b league. After a tense start Maribor took lead in second half and kept it untill the end.
The joy was indescribable and I'm looking forward to witnessing the Final4 tournament in Koper.
I also got a chance to work with Canon 1d mark II. It's great camera. Love the 8fps but am only bit disappointed on noise on ISO 3200.

Maribor supporters

petek, 12. december 2008

Handball: Maribor vs. Krško

Finally I've got an opportunity to test my new Canon 70-200 mm 2.8 and I've gor it on
a long expected game between Maribor and Krško. It performed excellent only think I would want is ISO at least 3200.Despite being an excellent game, Maribor lost. They started very well and were in the lead by 4 at halftime. But there was a complete turnaround at the start of second halftime. Krško came out strong, quickly took lead and won 36:41. Maribor will be able to take revenge this wednesday when they'll be playing in 1/4 finals of Slovenien cup in Krško. Supporters of Maribor are very welcome and there will also be an organized bus going to Krško.