nedelja, 18. januar 2009

Football: All-Star game in Lukna and my 100th post

Finally it's time to do my 100th post. I'd like to thank all who have visited or made a comment to my blog! I assure you I do my very best to keep improving the quality of my photos and will make new entries to my blog as often as I can.

Yesterday I visited the All-Star game of indoor football in Lukna (Maribor). All first league teams and 2 teams from the second Slovenian league competed.

It all began with the group stage.

Olimpija : Rudar (1:2)

Primorje:Interblock (3:2)

Maribor:Nafta (4:2)

Aluminij:Drava (1:3)

First big derby Maribor:Olimpija (1:2)

Half finals

Joy after Filekovič tied in the last few minutes
Second derby Maribor:Olimpja (5:4) after penalties


Winning goal in penalties from Pavlovič

Joy after beating biggest rivals Olimpija

For 3th place

Gorica:Olimpija 5:3


Maribor:Domžale 5:12

Maribor's fans Viole

Disappointed Volaš

Domžale after beating Maribor in finals

First place: Domžale

nedelja, 11. januar 2009

45. Zlata lisica - 45. Golden fox-slalom

Today girls competed in slalom. Because, again, I couldn't go on the track I decided to stay in the finish. As in any other sports here aswell you can see many different emotions. I tried to capture as many as possible.
Our girls may have surprised us in giant slalom, but the story of success didn't continue in slalom. But we have to admit that we didn't expect much. The only Slovenian finalist was Maruša Ferk who took 21th place.
In the first round Maria Riesch skied amazingly and took huge advantage. In the second round she could easily hold her lead and won by a huge difference of 1,15s!
The biggest surprise in second round was Lindsey Vonn, who finished 18 after the first round and with skiing great in the second she was able to climb to the 4th place, which she shared with Anja Paerson. The standings of the top three competitors after the first round didn't change in the second.

Slalom and overall winner Maria Riesch!

Only Slovenian finalist Maruša Ferk (21.)

Tina Maze (35.)

Vanja Brodnik (59.)

Mateja Robnik (55.)

Dissapointed Nika Fleiss (26.)

Lindsey Vonn (4.) after excellent second round

Ana Jelusic (15.)

Even the president of Slovenia came Danilo Türk

Anja Paerson (4.)

Tanja Poutiainen (3.)

Lindsey Vonn

Maria Riesch

Anja Paerson

Frida Hansdotter

sobota, 10. januar 2009

45. Zlata lisica - 45. Golden fox-giant slalom

Today I took part in the 45. Golden fox, which is a ski world cup for women in giant slalom. I was lucky to get accreditation but unfortunately I still wasn't able to get directly on the track. Therefore I searched for a spot, from where I could take the best photos. I wasn't able to get perfect photos but it was still better that noting.
This year Tina Maze surprised us with a huge sensation. She was second after the first run and won in the end!
We did not expect this because her form in the recent races hasn't been immaculate.
Tomorrow I'll be attending slalom and with a hope that our girls can surprise us again.

5. place Manuela Moelgg

6. place Lara Gut

10. place Anja Paerson

Marion Bertrand

Winner Tina Maze

14. place Mateja Robnik

Empty stands during the first round

Full stands during the second run

Mateja Robnik in finish

Tina Maze's lead in second round

Tina Maze reaching for the line

Tone Vogrinec