sobota, 29. november 2008

Canon EF 70-200 mm 2,8 L USM - my new lens

Yes I've got it. My first L series lens. I've tested it today on a handball match and have to say it's amazing.

sobota, 22. november 2008

Drugi krog akcije radia City - staro za novo

I was lucky to pass by radio City in time when they started to wreck washing machines as part of their game ''Staro za novo'', where two lucky contested pick their dreamy washing machine. But before they get the chance to be selected they have to wreck the old ones.


torek, 11. november 2008

Handball Maribor vs. Gorišnica

Maribor recently documented its 7th victory in a row and they are currently first in the Slovenian 1b league. In the 7th round they beat Gorišnica.
In first few minutes Gorišnica had a minimum lead but soon Maribor took over and eventually won 49:31.