nedelja, 24. maj 2009

Football: Maribor-Interblock

Before NK Maribor got the trophy, they had to play against Interblock. The game did not mater much, since Maribor had won the title already 2 games ago.
Their supporters - Viole - faced an important trial. They couldn't do anything stupid, since they already got punished with not seeing 2 games in next season but if they would cause problems during this game they would me banned from 4 games in the next season. They responded with a silent protest in first half of the game. They showed how important their role is in producing the atmosphere, because the game was quite boring. But they showed how it's done in the second half and they got it perfect. Maribor dominated Interblock throughout whole game and had plenty of great scoring chances but unfortiontly they didn't score and Interblock took their only real chance and made the final result 0:1.

sobota, 23. maj 2009

Maribor - new football champion

NK Maribor finally did it! They became Slovenian football champions after long 6 years. After loosing against Interblock (photos are going to be posted tomorrow) they moved outside the stadium and started celebrating.

sobota, 16. maj 2009

Longest photoshoot with a single fly

I have spend over an hour taking photos of a single fly. That's nothing unusual for some of the best macro photographers, but I was trilled when I found a fly that was half a sleep and let me shoot her for such a long time. In that time I made over 150 pictures. The post process took me quite a long time aswell, since all the pictures are stacked from 3 up to 6 images.

nedelja, 03. maj 2009

Few flies

Trying out my new diffuser.

sobota, 02. maj 2009

Portrait of a Wasp Queen

Photos were made with a new diffuser. I made it with Brian's tutorial . I have also gotten extension tubes from China for only 10€!