ponedeljek, 31. december 2007


Only few more hours till year 2007 expires and new year will be born year 2008 ;)
Therefore I wish you all Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true. I would like to thank you all who read my blog for all commends.

petek, 28. december 2007


Outside I noticed some funny looking crystals stationed on many plants. Does anyone know how do they form? I'm asking because of their intriguing shape. I decided to take some photos of them and after being in a freezing cold for about an hour here are the results.

ponedeljek, 24. december 2007

Marry Cristmas

First of all I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas. I am a big fan of stand up comedy or any other kind of comedy. Since it's Christmas I decided to post stand up comedy about Christmas. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Here is also an older part:

nedelja, 23. december 2007

Snow crystal

As soon as it stopped snowing I went outside with my Sigma 70-300 hoping to take a photo of a snow crystal. Honestly I expected better results but am not at all disappointed because this was my first try. I used Raynox-250 for macro effect and also experimented by turning an old lens upside down like macro conversion lens and putting it on the Sigma.

Snow crystal-1

Snow crystal-3

Snow crystal-2

petek, 21. december 2007

Chasing deers

On a sunny day I went with my father on a walk. We also took Kala with us. Because of cold they soon headed home. I stayed trying to take some photos of deers so I chased them for quite a while. I had to give up because of freezing cold and logically because they were simply to fast for me. You can see the results underneath.

My dog-Kala


Chasing deers-1

Chasing deers-2

Chasing deers-3

torek, 18. december 2007

My fist check

I can't believe it! I actually got my first check from Widget Bucks. When I started blogging and advertising I wasn't 100% am going to get anything at all. But 13 days ago I received a mail in witch they sad the check was sent. I was still thinking I'm not getting anything. But today I received post in witch was a check for 50,28$. But I will be skeptic until I don't haw money in my hands.

sobota, 15. december 2007

First snow

Finally snow! I didn't take any pictures of the first snow so I simply had to take he opportunity to make some photos this time.
Yesterday when I came home from school I immediately took my camera and made first two photos, concentration on snowflakes.

I was afraid that next day all snow will disappear but luckily is still here.
First snow

First snow
My brother decided to go to sauna and went rolling in the snow right after it. It was funny watching him. :)

nedelja, 09. december 2007

Starting SLR

Fist of all I would like to apologize because I haven't written a post in a while. Reason? My computer was broken - my graphic card died and I got a new better one and I also had to learn a lot (darn school ;) .
Few months ago my father gave me his old SLR camera Yashica FX-D. So I started to think why shouldn't I bring it back to live again? So I bought a film and new battery and brought it back to live. I have already made 7 shots and can't wait to see the results.
So far I dislike the fact that there's no display so I can't see my pictures and have to wait a month to see if anything had gone wrong.
Secondly the money, I think 2 € is a bit much for 24 photos + development.
Lastly, camera has a flaw because some functions don't work like they are supposed to.
So far I have not had any real experience with SLR camera so I would really appreciate your advice.

Yashica FX-D